Parabolan Side Effects: One of the Harshest Steroids on the human body discussed

Parabolan is a common brand name associated with the powerful anabolic steroid Trenbolone. This is a long acting-variant of Trenbolone that is associated with Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

The original Parabolan brand production was stopped in 1997 but still, it remains a desired anabolic steroid. Often, Parabolan tends to have common primary side effects, same as many anabolic steroids though with proper usage, they can be easily controlled.

In some occasions despite proper use of this hormone, some men still respond poorly and experience various side effects which are a bit unique to that of the Trenbolone hormone. These side effects can affect some men to the extent of preventing them from taking the steroid.

2 vials of ParabolanIts impossible to know if you’ll be among those who will experience the negative side effects of using Parabolan; There is no assurance that it will 100% work perfectly on you; some people will be fine while others will experience the negative side effects.

Common Parabolan Side Effects

The most common Parabolan side effects include;

  • Coughing fits shortly after injection
  • Excessive sweating (mostly at night)
  • Insomnia
  • a significant increase in mood and aggression

Estrogenic Side Effects

There are possibilities of experiencing estrogenic side effects when using Parabolan, though most men do not experience these side effects. The Trenbolone hormone doesn’t aromatize that means it doesn’t convert testosterone to estrogen though it’s a progestin which means its side effects may include gynecomastia. But gyno would occur for only those sensitive to this condition.

Progesterone can enhance the estrogenic mechanism while in the mammary tissue which then promotes gynecomastia. Therefore, with an additional use of an aromatizing steroid, it will further increase this probability and since testosterone is generally needed with Trenbolone, it is then recommended to use some type of anti-estrogen.

If your testosterone doses are low, then there is no need to use an anti-estrogen unless you are sensitive to gyno.

Androgenic Side Effects

For most men, the androgenic side effects of using Parabolan can be very extreme. They may include; acne, hair loss as well as body hair growth, though it depends on genetics. For those men who are predisposed to baldness, they tend to lose some hairs even without using Parabolan however the use of Parabolan often speeds up the hair loss process. While for Acne, men who are sensitive are often at a high risk. Those who aren’t sensitive will not experience this problem.

Cardiovascular Side Effects

Cardiovascular side effects of using Parabolan can affect our health negatively which include; experiencing high cholesterol and blood pressure. For those already experiencing high blood pressure or raised cholesterol, it is advisable not to use this anabolic steroid.

Therefore, to protect yourself from these side effects, a healthy lifestyle is essential while using this steroid. You should have a diet rich in omega and fatty acids. Things to avoid while using Parabolan to reduce chances of having high cholesterol and blood sugar include; avoid taking saturated fats as well as simple sugars, smoking, and excess consumption of alcohol. Plenty of cardiovascular activity is recommended as part of your daily routine.

Testosterone Side Effects

For all men who use Parabolan, they all experience natural testosterone suppression. While you are using Parabolan, it is essential to include exogenous testosterone supplementation in your routine. Your chosen form of testosterone doesn’t matter but what matters most is for you to replace the required testosterone to your body. If you fail to do so, it will cause low-testosterone and its horrible symptoms.

Response to Parabolan Side Effects

Based on the aforementioned side effects of Parabolan, sometimes some men experience the milder side effects whilst others suffer from the more extreme ones.

For anyone that starts feeling the severe side effects, it is advisable to immediately discontinue using it. If you do decide to try using this steroid again in future you must lower the dosage.

In some cases, lowering the does might help manage the problem, though some men tend to respond poorly even when using low doses. In these cases, nothing can be done and you should avoid Parabolan completely in future.

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