Honest Spa Tanning Tablets Review

Apparently, there is a growing perception that pale skin has become outdated for a large section of the population in the West. People are actually going to greater lengths to get a tan. Several individuals who would otherwise have pale faces are sporting rich, dark-coloured complexions irrespective of the time of the year. However, this does not mean it is a wholesale acceptance.

With the advent of various methods, you can fake a tan – actually year-round, regardless of where you live or the weather.


Well, if you adore the look of sun-kissed skin without having to deal with the sun’s ultraviolet rays, then you need the latest generation of tanning tablets, Spa Tanning Tablets. This new “kid-on-the-block” is the brainchild of James Cosgrove, a natural health expert, who went to great lengths to come up with tanning pills using 100% natural ingredients that are both safe and effective. You have not tried the best until you try Spa Tanning Tablets.

Here is a quick look at these remarkable tablets.


All natural ingredients are used in the tablets to ensure that there is no chemical or harmful effect in them. There are no harsh chemicals, Canthaxanthin or Beta-carotene that can harm the skin or eyes. They include:

Furthermore, every one of these ingredients is FDA compliant.

What makes other tablets “pale” when compared with Spa Tanning Tablets?

Spa-Tanning-TabletsThe results are quick and neat and these tablets work regardless of the skin type. The tablets are created to be taken 1 or 2 times a day, and it takes 10-14 days before you notice a difference. But it should be borne in mind that people are not exactly the same in everything. So, generally, results should be seen within 2-4 weeks.

Many tanning tablets on the market contain Canthaxanthin or Beta-carotene. Apart from giving you a horrible unnatural “orange” glow, they can lead to the deposition of crystals in the eyes as well as growth of welts.

Spa Tanning Tablets have additional benefits. These amazing tablets are welcome news for those with weight concerns as they carry dietary bulking agents which facilitate suppression of appetite and ultimately help weight loss. The moment microcrystalline cellulose is digested, it absorbs moisture and expands. When it expands, it makes you feel the way you would feel after eating a big meal – full and bloated. This is the feeling that naturally decreases your appetite, and in turn you lose weight.

These tablets can also help to improve both your skin and hair and help as prevention against specific illnesses such as Alzheimers, too.

Are Spa Tanning Tablets a Scam?

Anytime a new product is introduced in the market, the very first thing people want to know is whether it really works or it is a scam. This is normal and it is quite in order.  Well, you will not find anyone talking about Spa Tanning Tablets scam. Every Spa Tanning Tablets review suggests that they are a natural product and they are indeed effective. They produce remarkable results. So the answer to whether they are a scam is a big NO.…

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